EVERY THURSDAY 16th MARCH - 20TH APRIL | 19:30-21:30 @ Studio 68 London

The most incredible program designed for women just like you!!!!

A dance program dedicated to you, become the best version of yourself.

Life Coach & Mentor Tamara Kramer has decided to have another Heels Intensive level 2 program. This program is for Beginners and all levels and will run for 6 weeks and 2 hours each session. Are you ready to learn something new? Bring your heels and let’s have fun!!!
For the past 5 years she has used her incredible techniques and experiences to help women live their purpose, be more confident, gain more clarity and reach their fullest potential.
Whether you are new to dancing or an advanced dancer, Tamara wants to give you an experience you will never forget!!!
Be part of another amazing HEELS INTENSIVE PROGRAM!!!


On the day our production team will be on site and filming will be happening, so you have the option to say no if you do not want to be filmed. The filming is for us to give you as memorabilia but of course it is your choice!
You are able to purchase the short video reel at the end of the program for you to take home If you want it! Please choose the option with short video reel when booking.



PERFECT! This is exactly for you then! An experience to be able to grow and feel the best you ever have!
100% This is the best experience you could ever have with your friends!

No! The oldest woman we had in one of these experiences was 58!!!

ABSOLUTELY! This day can help women who are going through a breakup, divorce, family loss, lost of direction, change of life, finding a new path and vision…remember this day it is run by our Life Coach and Mentor Tamara Kramer who has over 5 years experience in therapy and coaching so you will not feel alone, many other women are just in your position!
For further information please message Tamara Kramer’s Women Academy team via whatsapp: +44 7456 485966 or email: management@tamarakramer.com
Studio 68 London, 68 Ewer Street, London SE1 0NR

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