CEO of Studio 68 London Artistic Director Certified Life Coach Fitness Trainer

Some would label Tamara as a dancer, some as a business owner, others a creative mogul but she would say she's a woman on a mission!

Tamara ‘TK’ Kramer’s journey began as a young model in Spain with a passion for dance. She developed her career in the dance and entertainment industry and having worked around the world, she settled in the UK, where she owns Studio 68 London- a dance and fitness studio in Central London.
Throughout Tamara’s incredible journey she has learned tough lessons and overcome numerous obstacles which she uses to help women, creatives and businesses achieve success.

Womens Academy

Tamara Kramer has a wide interest in the development and power of woman in the social and business sectors. Her life experience travelling in the fitness world and studying to be a life coach has got her to develop a new love for her “WOMEN ACADEMY” & “PUBLIC SPEAKING”.
She was now for the past years have helped woman to get back on track after depression as she also experience it and motivated them and encourage to go for new career paths. She also has helped 2 studios to recover from bad business period and helped them rebranding and go forward with their new images in Spain and UK.

Train with TK

As a certified Nutritionist and Level 3 Personal Trainer, Tamara believes in simultaneously working on the mind and the body. Tamara strives to help people of all ages and fitness levels achieve their desired results and live a healthy, happy lifestyle.
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