Queen of Hearts: The dating Workshop

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Queen of hearts: The Dating Workshop

Join this amazing workshop dedicated to equipping women like you with the essential skills to navigate the often crazy and confusing world of dating.

Queen of Hearts dating Workshop is designed for any woman interested in understanding and improving her dating skills. Whether you are new to the dating scene, returning after a hiatus, or simply looking to enhance the quality of your relationships, this workshop is for you.
This interactive group coaching session provides an uplifting and supportive atmosphere to explore pressing questions like: Why do potential partners go from hot to cold so quickly? How should you respond to their messages? Why do you seem to attract the same types of individuals? and more.

More than just a motto


As a businesswoman, Tony Robbins certified life coach, and qualified personal trainer- Tamara believes that having a can-do mentality is one of the main things that has helped her overcome challenges and obstacles in life, love, and business. Tamara helps women from all walks of life to unleash their potential and understand that they are capable of anything.

11 things to ask yourself about a potential partner

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