Tamara Kramer Coaching



A dancer, business owner, model, a creative mogul, Tamara is a woman with many facets but she truly believes that she is a woman on a mission to provide self-uplifting lives to people. Over the past few years, she has motivated and encouraged women to get their lives back on track after depression, using her own personal experience to coach and guide them through. She has learnt tough lessons and overcome a number of obstacles and life lessons which she uses to help other women, creatives and businesses achieve success. In the process she has also helped two studios to recover from bad business periods and rebrand themselves to go forward with their new images in Spain and UK.
Tamara is also a creative, highly versatile artistic director, working with artists, performers and independent businesses on an array of different projects and specialises in art direction, choreography, merchandise, stage and styling.
She runs one on one & group coaching and mentoring techniques through her Women’s Academy events & workshops. She also develops and creates transformation through a series of coaching sessions.
Tamara Kramer has never focused on one aspect of her career. Having started from entertainment sector she now opens doors to new ideas and endeavours such as film and talent management. Her vision is to expand her network and collaborate with businesses and women from various industries.