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'You can and you will'

This is more than just a motto on a hoodie for TK because she lives and breathes this statement. TK uses her own life experience, overcoming depression, building her dream life and bouncing back after setbacks to help women love themselves, their lives and what they do.

In your one on one dance or fitness session, TK will be focusing on your technical skills, confidence, body posture, flexibility and more.

Single Session
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Single Session
5 Sessions
10 Sessions

APPRECIATION WALL... A little love from some of the women that have worked, danced or trained with me


  1. Zara Choudhry

    TK is gracefull, powerful, talented and so controlled when she dances and just a goddess which is why I’ve decided to choose her as a mentor. Working with TK has changed my outlook on dancing! I have learnt things and adapted to styles I had no idea my body could ever handle. In one hour she worked on my flexibility, worked on my lines, technique, strengthening and anything else I needed. Working with TK is something I (and you) will love because as well as knowing your weakness she also knows your strengths. It’s one hour of an intensive private and worth everything!

  2. Caileie

    Thank you TK for putting in the effect to help me improve my dance technique, my core strength and overall well-being.
    I feel ready to tackle the week ever time I finish a class of yours. I’m more confident and comfortable in my body. I really hope things go back to normal in the new year so this journey will continue!!

    Merry Christmas, stay safe! Xx

  3. Izabela

    I love this classes. Atmosphere is incredible, instructors are helping me to build my confidence and paying attention on every single person on the class. If you reading this review and still not sure if you should sign for this classes, don’t think, just do it. This is the best choice!!!

  4. Aina

    TK is an amazing mentor and a true inspiration! I never envisaged myself dancing in heels (was always a trainers over heels kind of girl) but TK saw potential in me and I have loved every one of her heels classes. I am a more confident dancer and comfortable in my own body. Thanks to TK, I can walk, pose and dance confidently in heels. I look forward to continuing my training with her!

  5. Madison

    TK is a wonderful coach and mentor. She creates a supportive and empowering environment that allows you to leap outside your comfort zone in a safe space. The confidence I have gained in such a short time has been eye opening and I can’t wait to continue working with her!

  6. Tyana

    I love dancing with TK it’s always the highlight of my week. She is super encouraging, supportive and has such a bright energy! Since I started heels I’ve become alot more confident in my body and I’ve learned not to be so scared of mistakes and doubt my abilities as much. The atmosphere in class is always so amazing and Its definitely become a safe space for me.
    Thank you TK!! I cant wait to keep dancing in the new year!!

  7. Mitsi Valdivia-Webster

    There is no one else like TK out there and I am so glad that I was able to find someone to take me out of my comfort zone and make me comfortable with who I am and I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else but her to do that! Her classes are full of amazing vibes , great energy, being able to feel empowered with lots of love and support all at once. The thing I look forward to the most at the end of my work day isn’t just to go home anymore but having the opportunity to be trained by TK and run off to one of her classes. I am very grateful for everything she’s helped me achieve and can’t wait for the future to spend more time in her classes and watch myself grow even more .

  8. Silvia Barone

    Thank you TK for the great energy and the amazing job you have done on me
    I think you are a very good teacher I love your confidence and how you work on “your girls”?? individually bringing every single personality up.
    Thanks TK to Make me improve my moves and my confidence class after class and I know you r proud of “your girls” as much we are of you ❤️
    I end up to follow most of your weekly classes but out of all HEELS is my favourite ?

  9. Yara

    TK has helped me to improve not only my dance abilities but also my confidence. She always pushes me to do things which are out of my comfort zone but which I know will make me change and grow into a better more confident version of myself, which is what I ultimately want.
    She’s an inspiring woman who goes above and beyond for the improvement and well being of her girls (those who attend her classes)
    I cannot rate her enough ❤️

  10. Ana

    TK heels classes are great fun. I really enjoy the atmosphere and how she makes everyone feel no matter the level. It has become one of the highlight of my week.

  11. Lea

    Thank you TK for the amazing classes you give us with all the love and attention you have! It’s been a real pleasure working with you and I can’t wait to go back to class to improve my heels skills… 😉 and thank you for making us feel safe, strong and empowering! This is gold!
    Merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone, see you very soon !

  12. Charisse

    Amazing! Love training with you, you are an inspiration thank you for helping me improve and for constantly pushing me, I always look forward to sessions with you and am so grateful for all your time and effort x

  13. Shona

    TK has inspired and encouraged me not only to be a stronger dancer but also to be a stronger woman. Her passion for female empowerment is contagious, training with her has given me so much confidence both in and out of the studio! There truly is no other dance coach – or mentor – like her. Thank you TK for believing in me, for pushing me to be the best version of myself, and for welcoming me into such an incredible group of dancers who I feel inspired by every single time I’m in the studio! I cant wait to get back to your class in 2021 ???

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