VIRTUAL Coaching With TK

Tamara Kramer is offering virtual Coaching sessions- get the same coaching experience- just virtually. Work in a personal development basis and start moving forward from what you feel it is no longer serving you.

"Life coaching and counselling is a way of life - and I live it!".

As a qualified Life Coach, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, Tamara believes in simultaneously working on the mind and the body. Tamara strives to help women of all ages and fitness levels achieve their desired results and live a healthy, happy lifestyle.

"I’ve built skills, knowledge and experience over a decade of teaching, training and coaching in corporate and public sector businesses, working with teams and individuals. I’m big on radical accountability, and building healthy, sustainable, habits that serve you now - and for the rest of your life."

* Each session is 45 minutes.

Self discovery & self analysis

Eliminate bad habits & create new ones

Tools to help reprogram your mind & thoughts

Strategies to manage stress & anxiety

Self love & confidence building techniques

APPRECIATION WALL... A little love from some of the women that have worked, danced or trained with me