Woman of the day- Christina Tzakou

My woman of the day is the versatile, queen of street dance (in my opinion)- Christina Tzakou.

She’s got amazing technique, always has edgy street choreography classes.

Woman of the day- Natalia Kotowska

Natalia is a fitness trainer, dancer and model with a big heart and big personality to match. I’ve come to know Natalia not only as a choreographer and fitness coach at but also as a friend. We share the same passion for fitness and she makes one hell of a training partner!

Woman of the day- Fabiane Leame

My woman of the day is Fabiane Leame. Fabiane is a trained gymnast, incredible dancer and choreographer.
Fabiane teaches Contemporary, Jazz and Heels at Studio 68 London but she is versatile and so skilled that she could teach most styles. Her technique and good energy are some of her most admirable qualities.