Woman Of The Day- Fumy Opeyemi

My woman of the day is 1/2 of the Gop Dancers, the vibrant & talented dancing mama- Fumy.

Her Afro Vibez classes at Studio 68 London and Base Dance Studios are fun, challenging and energetic

Woman of the day- Christina Tzakou

My woman of the day is the versatile, queen of street dance (in my opinion)- Christina Tzakou.

She’s got amazing technique, always has edgy street choreography classes.

Woman of the day- Aicha McKenzie

My woman of the day today is former gymnast, dancer, choreographer and CEO of AMCK- Aicha Mckenzie.

Aicha’s accolades speak for themselves- from being a successful choreographer to running a successful business that supports, promotes & develops talent.

Woman of the day- Charlotte Pearce

Entrepreneur, speaker and presenter of an amazing podcast & video series called ‘Humans of business’- Charlotte Pearce is my woman of the day

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