Woman of the day- Shoutout to my team



Happy March! I’m so grateful for another month and hopeful for what the month has to bring.

It’s Women’s Day in a week’s time but come on we women are pretty amazing (not that men aren’t) but I feel like we deserve more than a day or a week so I’m gonna use the whole month of March to showcase and shoutout the women in my life, women I’ve trained with, mentored, worked with and admire.

I would like to kick things off with my team- we’re a female run and managed business at Studio 68 London and I’m grateful for my team, from management and admin to production and my volunteers.

Anastassia is my studio manager, problem solver and someone I luckily get to call my friend. For the past five years, she’s helped me manage my studio (and my personal life) with calmness, kindness and honesty. I admire how calm and collected she can be in any situation and I’m learning everyday from her. She’s an amazing manager and a fantastic friend. 

Bella is a digital artist, animator and a skilled member of my creative and production team. She started at Studio 68 London as a volunteer and quickly showed her unique skills in production. I’ve come to love and appreciate her opinionated character in my business and personal life.

Rozina is a content creator and digital marketer who started at Studio 68 London as our web designer. Her work ethic and passion for the business from day one blew my mind. I enjoy bouncing creative (and sometimes crazy) ideas with Roz and grateful for the support she’s given me.

Olivia, like Bella, started as a volunteer and ended up being a great asset in marketing and strategy. She has a great energy, is full of ideas and has such a contagious passion. I love developing campaigns with Olivia as she makes data & analytics enjoyable (and easier for me to learn).
I appreciate all the women that work in my business and on my business and have supported me not just in business but also in my personal life. I wouldn’t want to do this without you ladies.

Don’t forget to keep up with the next 30 ladies that I will be featuring each day!