My daily must have in my diet

I wanted to share something that I have been asked about on social media many times about my skin.
Why is your skin looking so fresh? How can you look the same as in your pictures, or even better, when I meet you live?
How can you be looking that great, and also, how can you keep up with the amount of things that I do daily and keep healthy without falling sick?

One of the things that I have daily in between many other vitamins and that will never fail is the use of TURMERIC ZOOKI, which helps support my body against cell damage from environmental aggressions, which also supports the health of my brain, helps my hypocompass, which keeps my memory intact, and helps against dementia. Also, TURMERIC avoids the growth of cancerous cells.

My second daily consumption is MARINE COLLAGEN, which helps my skin hydration, radiance, and firmness and protects my cartilage and bones from all my activities in the gym, sports, and dance. Over the age of 30, the production of collagen is less and less, and to be able to have collagen in a sachet daily to protect you and have beautiful skin plus internally get benefits, is something that I wouldn’t pass and will start from today!.

Tamara Kramer | Studio 68 London CEO & Life Coach