New Social Xperience

It is always very exciting to keep growing and developing certain areas that will help the community feel very united and be able to experience new adventures, meet great people, and create memories to always keep in our hearts.

Social Xperience UK has just been born, where you will be able to meet, connect, and date through activities that are not just on weekends, nightclubs, or having a drink.

After all these years, having worked with thousands of people, I have realised that there is a need for unity for those who feel alone, don’t have a group of friends, and have had broken relationships. This will help us all to connect in different ways. I’m very excited about all the activities that I have in mind, working with different companies in the next few months.

Activities such as hiking, breakfast, speed dating, retreats, nights out, going to fashion shows, and doing life coaching sessions, among many more, are coming into place and will be soon announced.

Our first meeting was this weekend, watching the Super Bowl and having a nice night out with some of the women who are single and looking for love.

If you want to be a part of it, head to our Instagram page Social Xperience UK and soon-to-be-announced website to have and be part of this amazing group, connecting, meeting, and dating through real-life experiences.

Tamara Kramer | Life Coach & Studio 68 London CEO