Private Fitness Coaching With TK

Your body achieves what your mind believes- you can and you will when you train with TK!

As a qualified Life Coach, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, Tamara believes in simultaneously working on the mind and the body. Tamara strives to help women of all ages and fitness levels achieve their desired results and live a healthy, happy lifestyle.

In your one on one fitness session, TK will be focusing on your target areas and fitness goals, body sculpting, conditioning and nutrition.

Single Session
5 Sessions
10 Sessions

APPRECIATION WALL... A little love from some of the women that have worked, danced or trained with me


  1. Emma Warner

    Emma Warner

    Every single January I say I am going to focus on fitness and I never do. This year I decided to ask TK to train me – she has been my dance teacher for about 3 years so I know how amazing she is with motivation. I have never been so happy for doing something. Within 3 weeks of training I started to notice differences in my body which I thought would never change, and my strength was increasing so quickly. The best thing about TK’s training is the exercises – they’re so different and fun, and each session we will be trying something totally new. This is key because then you don’t get bored and you push your body to do new things. I can’t wait to keep training with her – for those people who have tried to change their body in the past and nothing works, TK will work! On top of that she checks all my nutrition, has given me loads of tips/foods to avoid which has been very useful. She is also amazing at understanding what’s going on in your life I.e. when you’re in a low mood she takes that into account with your workout. She is amazing and I’m so so so happy she is my trainer

  2. Pia

    I told TK she is beauty and a beast in one. She can do so much with her body and that inspires me so much! Even when its hard you want to push it further, because she knows how to bring that energy and motivation in the studio!

  3. Eva

    I have attended fitness classes with TK and was absolutely amazed by how she approaches the activity – the scope of exercises was very variate so it was interesting and engaging at all times; she’s eagerly pushing you to do your best so it’s also very challenging; and most importantly I started feeling better and more fit after just a second class. Will surely stick to these sessions with TK as I think it’s ideal for me!

  4. Kaja Lampret

    Kaja Lampret

    What an incredible woman. As someone that is not used to training, doing with the encouragement and energy of TK makes me want to push myself to be the strongest and most resilient me. From the first session, I believe she is the one that brings that out in all the girls that are in the room, making us all create a safe space for each other and leave with a sense of accomplishment. To more people like her! 🙂

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