The Social Xperience- The King and I Theatre trip

This weekend, we managed to take “Social Xperience” to the next level with a few other members of the community club. They discovered the behind-the-scenes of the “King and I” musical in Tottenham Court Road, London, after watching the full show with incredible actors and singers.
The experience they had was totally new, as some had never been in a theatre, and it was also their first time seeing what was behind the amazing musical stage.

The backstage tour was amazing, and I met some of the cast members. We managed to see how they were doing costume changes in different scenes and also being able to see the sound and lighting team in between other incredible set changes.

“We have built this community; it has been an incredible idea that is developing to the next level, and we are happy to take on board people who would like to be part of our experiences outdoors and indoors.”.

Tamara Kramer
Life Coach & CEO / Founder Studio 68 London