The Social Xperience- The King and I Theatre trip

This weekend, we managed to take “Social Xperience” to the next level with a few other members of the community club. They discovered the behind-the-scenes of the “King and I” musical in Tottenham Court Road, London, after watching the full show with incredible actors and singers.The experience they had was totally new, as some had […]

New Social Xperience

It is always very exciting to keep growing and developing certain areas that will help the community feel very united and be able to experience new adventures, meet great people, and create memories to always keep in our hearts. Social Xperience UK has just been born, where you will be able to meet, connect, and […]

TK Talks Podcast Coming Soon

Mentoring and training as a life coach has been an incredibly fulfilling journey for me since I started with TK Women’s Academy in 2017. Now, I am thrilled to announce the launch of my podcast on Spotify and Amazon Music on the 14th of February. In this podcast, I will be covering a range of […]

The Power of Improving Yourself

As a women’s life and relationship coach, I always tell my clients to work on themselves. This is important whether you’re single or in a relationship. Starting on the path of self-development is key to achieving long-lasting happiness. Let’s dig a little deeper into this idea of self investment. Some people think self investment is all about money, but it’s more than that. It’s about spending your time, energy, and resources to make yourself better.

Tamara Kramer hosting Tony Gaskins at Studio 68 London

I’m beyond excited to host Tony Gaskins, the fantastic life coach on Saturday 20th January 2024. This is a rare opportunity for us, and we’re thrilled to share his wisdom with our community. I first got to know about Tony when I was trying to bounce back from a bad break-up. Those tough times led […]

Red Bull X Tamara Kramer

Tamara Kramer has just signed with Redbull UK an incredible partnership where both brands will be organising incredible events for the industry and creating opportunities for dancers and dance lovers to develop and have a great future in between amazing new ideas. Watch this space

Tanning shop influencer

Tamara Kramer has now been a “Tanning Shop” Influencer for the past 8 years. Up to today she can’t recommend anything better for her skin condition “Psoriasis” to be treated under a great “Sun Angel” session weekley to keep her skin smooth, young and flawless all year round!

Wonder Woman Weekly- 8th June 2022

Welcome to my new Wonder Woman weekly blog! Each week I’ll be giving you a little dose of inspiration, news and updates. It’s mid-week and the first full week of June- how are you feeling? Middle of the week is a good time to check in on how your week is going and where you’d […]

Nia Sommer Music Video

“Real Women the have NEVER wore heels or even danced have made it to the music video for @nia.sommer.• We laughed, we trained, we made it a day out and we were all together enjoying dancing and acting!• My Women Army are beautiful and look forward for more projects to come!• I adore you all […]